Topless avatar shows up in offical Tiger Woods golf computer game!

A woman playing golf at her Playstation was shocked to se her “self” tee off TOPLESS in a Tiger Woods golf game.

Tiger Woods PGA 11 Topless golf computer game

Tiger Woods PGA 11 Topless golf computer game

Jo Eley had “spent ages” creating an avatar to make it resemble herself using face-mapping technology.  But when she started playing, her avatar was topless and, wearing only white hotpants.

Eley, who will turn 27 shortly, said she believed a programmer put the hidden strip in as a prank after Tiger Woods famous screw around with pornstars that was covered broadly in the media. Jo, the mother of one likes to play the Tiger Woods PGA 11 golf game with her partner Nathan Oliver, where they live in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.

Topless golfer found hidden in Tiger Woods PGA Golf Game for Playstation

Topless golfer found hidden in Tiger Woods PGA Golf Game for Playstation

She told a tabloid: “We couldn’t stop laughing. Now I can’t get rid of it. It could have been worse, she looks quite good and has bigger boobs than me.”

PG Electronic Arts responded by saing: “We have extensively investigated and have determined that this situation is not possible through a retail copy of the game. The player model is clearly modified as a result of hacking.”

It is not know if Tiger Woods have shown any interest in switching to Playstation golf following these topless news.

Top 20 Blogs of 2010

The Blogosphere is still going strong, with lots of interesting information and inside scoops coming from all corners of the world every day. With the iPad release just around the corner, the Apple Insider and iPadblogs are more popular than ever.
For art lovers there is the increasingly popular
BibliOdyssey and the less knownFlickr blogfor photo lovers.

Environmental blogs are of course a must this year, with Solar Power Forum and Eco Geekpaving the way before the much awaited Chevrolet Volt. Of course, other car manufacturers have hybrids and electric cars coming out this year too, according to rumors from the auto blogs of Audi Rumors, Mercedes Rumors, and BMW Rumors.
There are plenty of rumors on other technology fronts too, such as with
Chinese Clones of everything from iPhone to iPad, even though Chinese tablets have been released before the iPad.

Major events this year one can follow through blogs are of course the FIFA 2010 WORLD CUP and EUROVISION 2010. Not to mention the continued popularity of the Twilight Saga on blogs such as Breaking Dawn, Bella Cullen, Eclipse, Edward Cullen, and Werewolf Jacob.
Oh and I hear
Perez Hilton is still a popular blog, and that Felix’s Babes will be.

Kyla Cole’s return to modeling confirmed.

Kyla Cole, the sexy model that was brought in as a surprise guest on a Norwegian TV show once, has had her return to modeling confirmed by her agent: Gallery
Here is the old clip.

She has previously said she would go back to Norway, but no further dates or plans have been release yet.
The first set from
Kyla Cole’s comeback

Kyla Cole returns to modeling

Kyla Cole returns to modeling wearing a silky blue shirt at the beach in sunset

Kyla Cole returns to modeling wearing a silky blue shirt at the beach in sunset

The sexy model Kyla Cole has according to the news started modeling again. She was believed to have left modeling permanently 4 years ago.