Pat Robertson says Haiti deserved it’s deaths.

Pat Robertson, famous millionaire, war lover, and demagogue, has done it again. Even if we are only 14 days into the new year, the demagogue has won the 2010 award as the most selfish and unsympathetic bastard alive, by stating that Haiti deserves the death and catastrophe it is experiencing. Simultaneously he may win the 2010 award for insanity, although he is still in ties with Sean Hannity on that one.

It is time for everyone to react to this outrageous statement by that inhuman creep we have pestering the earth. Do your moral duty and let Robertson have it!

‘Sperminator’ gets 12 Facebook chicks pregnant!

U.K. lowers the standards yet again. 

Dominic Baronet Facebook's 'Sperminator' and his 12 Pregnant Idiots

Dominic Baronet Facebook's 'Sperminator' and his 12 Pregnant Idiots

“GIRLS beware! If grinning charmer Dominic Baronet is your Facebook friend delete him NOW – or he’ll have you PREGNANT in a just a few clicks.
Love rat Baronet has been branded The Sperminator for getting TWELVE girls pregnant after wooing them on the social networking site – two of them on the SAME DAY.

Five women are now raising his KIDS, five were talked into ABORTIONS and two are EXPECTING.
For years the laptop lust hunter has secretly preyed on women with his smooth internet patter. He told one smitten girl: “One hundred million sperm entered the womb. Only one made you – that makes you simply the best!”

As well as his wantonly prolific bedroom strike rate, 26-year-old factory worker Baronet boasts a seedy history – a convicted drug dealer sentenced to four years for supplying cocaine and ecstasy. Just the sort of lad you want fathering your babies.
Now, after discovering the truth, one of his most recent conquests patted her four-month bump and demanded he be forced to have THE SNIP.

Angry Kerry Martin, 24, told us: “Dominic should have a danger warning slapped on his Facbook page and be given a compulsory vasectomy to protect other girls.”
Kerry uncovered Baronet’s cheating ways by keeping tabs on his page after he ditched her. In no time she spotted a congratulations message revealing he’d also got 24-year-old Stacy Jones pregnant around the same time…”

Read the rest and weep (for the future of mankind)