The whole Internet down in Sweden!

All domains with the .se ending were unavailable yesterday, when some maintainance expert updated erroneously and fucked up the name servers that sends people to the right destination.
900 000 domains were affected that’s how “small” the Swedish net is. I wonder how this would have affected USA if it had happened there?
A few hours of quality time suddenly? Or a lot of pressure on the poor tech support workers all over?,2817,2354141,00.asp

Can’t wait to see this happen in the office!

Swedish “special forces” blows up the wrong house.

According to the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, the Swedish military forces blew up the wrong house in a exercise in Varmland the other day.

The PR officer stated that: “We have been in touch with the owner and cleared up all matters. There are no hard feelings between us.”

Windows and doors were blown out in the blast, as the forces entered a house 200 metres away of their actual target.