Breast augmentation on strangers in streets with Boob Job app for iPhone

BoobJob app for iPhone smartphone with breast augmentation

Boob Job app for iPhone smartphone with breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is expensive and time-consuming — and can’t just be done to strangers on the street. So what are you supposed to do if you really want to see how someone would look with a slightly larger chest? Reach for your iPhone, of course!


With an iPhone app appropriately named Boob Job you can give anyone a little lift and boost.

All you need to do is install the app — you can get it from the Apple App Store for a dollar — and find or take a photo of your lucky patient. Then you’ll just swipe, drag, and pinch your fingers against your iPhone’s screen a few times and — tada! — breast augmentation surgery complete.

I decided to try out the app on fellow blogger Whitson Gordon who — while clever and delightfully witty — isn’t exactly in possession of breasts that would make Pamela Anderson envious. I snatched a photo off his Facebook page, opened it in the Boob Job app, dragged some circles onto his chest, and resized them appropriately. Then I tapped some vaguely marked buttons on the next screen to increase the selected parts and add a little highlight along the newly created curves.

You can see Whitson’s pre-virtual-surgery and post-virtual-surgery photos above. The final result won’t tempt any Victoria’s Secret modeling scouts, but it makes for a great laugh.

Hooked on Trivial Pursuit online – Why are games so addictive on the net?

Seriously, why are games so addictive on computers and/or over the Internet? I’m even hooked on an online version of Trivial Pursuit now!

Trivial Pursuit online in a web version

Trivial Pursuit online in a web version

Have either of you ever played that particular version of Trivial Pursuit? I ask, not because of any weird rules or particularly tough questions in it, but because of the opponent – The Teddybear… Well, the teddy bear and it’s moves more precisely.
Who put that in there? Funny as hell though, and maybe that’s why I’ve become addicted to this game?

Hiromi Oshima pose for classic poster remake in tribute to 2011 Oscars

Former Playboy Playmate Hiromi Oshima recently posed for some cool Oscar tribute posters with Playboy.
The first is for the classic Black Belt Jones (1974)

Hiromi Oshima in Black Belt Jones Oscars tribute poster for Playboy

Hiromi Oshima in Black Belt Jones Oscars tribute poster for Playboy

Original poster from 1974 that Hiromi Oshima’s poster was based on:

Original Black Belt Jones poster

Original Black Belt Jones poster

The other remake poster, of Fist of Fury (1972), may be viewed at ‘Nextgirlfriend’.

Here is the (boring by comparison) original.

Original Fist of Fury poster

Original Fist of Fury poster

Audi Carbon Ski coming in 2011/2012

Does these skis look great or what? Seems that Audi is going to start production of a carbon fiber ski later this year, possibly in some sort of partnership with Head. Supposed to be both light weight and strong; all ski enthusiasts will be waiting eagerly for this one by Audi.

The Audi Carbon Ski Concept on Carbon Cover

The Audi Carbon Ski Concept on Carbon Cover

The Audi Carbon Ski Concept Illustration

The Audi Carbon Ski Concept Illustration

Don’t know anything about the price yet though. Read full article here: The Audi Carbon Ski Concept 

Cheech and Chong guy appears in Tiger Woods photo – reaches fame.

Mark Pain shoots Tiger Woods and Cheech and Chong man in Golf Picture as Ball Hits Camera

Mark Pain shoots Tiger Woods and Cheech and Chong man in Golf Picture as Ball Hits Camera

When Tiger Woods duffed a shot at the Ryder Cup, the ball zipped directly toward photographer Mark Pain of the Daily Mail. Pain managed to snap an incredible picture, but his good timing isn’t getting nearly as much attention as a bystander in a funny-looking mustache and wig. Yes, that’s all it takes now to become a celebrity.

The “Cigar Guy” has quickly become the new Chuck Norris, inspiring amateur Photoshop junkies everywhere. The Daily Mail says he dressed in tribute to Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez, but who knew Cigar Guy also appeared in Donnie Darko? Or knocked out Sonny Liston? Or watched Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald? Got an idea of your own? The website posted a Cigar Guy template.

But who is he? Time pleads on its Newsfeed blog for the man behind the mustache to identify himself. That would probably be pointless, because he’ll never be known by anything but Cigar Guy for the rest of his life. Or at least for the rest of the month, and then a new funny-looking bystander will dominate the Internets.

Mark Pain shoots Tiger Woods and Cheech and Chong man in Golf Picture as Ball Hits Camera 2

Mark Pain shoots Tiger Woods and Cheech and Chong man in Golf Picture as Ball Hits Camera 2

Interview with photographer Mark Pain:

 Harry Smith: Instead of [the golf ball] going high up into the air and over your head, what happened?

Mark Pain: Normally — 99 times out of 100, or for Tiger 99,000 times out of 100,000 — he would just chip that to within two or three inches of the hole. When we’re working with Tiger we’ve never had any problems getting that near to him because we know that it’s never going to be an issue.

But all the grass had been trampled by the spectators and he just seemed to catch it really wrong, and it just dinked out to his right and it just headed straight towards me, hit my camera and then hit me, and then landed at my feet. And Tiger’s face — he almost couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe he played such a bad shot, really.

Smith: Did Tiger or his caddie say anything to you like, “You’re really too close, you need to move back a little bit”?

Pain: They did … and then we all moved back. Tiger’s caddie Steve [Williams], he’s got a reputation for being very very strict with us photographers … but no, we were all in a perfect position, and the marshalls had agreed where we were. … There was a very wide angle for him to play a shot into towards the green.

Smith: Was it just instinct that made you click the shot?

Pain: It’s pretty much instinct. … You totally focusing on Tiger’s expression because once the ball goes past you there are still moments there to capture. He can throw his club away, celebrate, do whatever he does.

Smith: And the camera’s okay?

Pain: Camera’s fine. It’s a Nikon D3S, it’s taken a bit of a knock here but it’s absolutely perfect. … And it’s only a month old.

Cigar turban guy at Tiger Woods Ryders Cup play

Cigar turban guy at Tiger Woods Ryders Cup play

Land a robot on the moon and win $30m

Dozens of entrepreneurs and space engineers will gather on the Isle of Man tomorrow to finalise plans for one of the world’s most technologically ambitious and financially lucrative competitions: the Lunar X prize.

Google Lunar X Prize

Google Lunar X Prize

The  $30m award, which is being backed by Google, will be given to the first company that builds a robot rover craft, lands it safely on the moon, and directs it on a journey of more than 500m across the lunar surface. In doing so, the competition organisers hope to galvanise the exploration of the moon by opening it up to private industry. A deadline of 2012 has been set for all attempts to win the full prize.

“Nasa currently puts the cost of landing a robot rover on the moon at more than US$1 billion,” said Julian Ranger, the UK financier who is raising cash for Astrobotic, one of the prize’s key competitors. “We believe we can get that cost down to less than US$50 million, a price tag that will transform lunar exploration and make the moon a target for all sorts of commercial operations,” he said.

Apart from being able to manoeuvre around the lunar surface, the little Astrobotic rover – which resembles a traffic cone on wheels – has been designed to carry people’s cremated ashes to the moon as well as a variety of small experiments. In addition, it is intended to land the probe near the 1969 landing site of Apollo 11 in the Sea of Tranquillity.

“Part of our business plan will be to get our rover to move round the site and take a 3D high-definition film of it,” said Ranger, a former engineer, software developer and self-confessed spaceflight fanatic who raised the initial investment that was needed to set up Astrobotic Technology.

“This [footage] would be shown on television around the world. If nothing else, it should prove to the doubters that the Apollo missions really took place.”

The Google Lunar X prize has been created following the success of the Ansari X prize. This was established in 1996 to inspire private investment in manned space travel and the US$10 million prize, backed by a number of US foundations, was won by aeronautical engineer Burt Rutan.

His SpaceShipOne craft was flown twice within a month to the edge of space in 2004. That technology is now being used to build Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic fleet of spaceships, which are scheduled to start carrying tourists to space by 2012. Tickets are priced at US$200,000 each.

One of the first customers to fly on the Virgin Galactic will be Ranger.

He said that Astrobotic Technology hopes to build its lander for US$15 million to US$20 million. The company is in negotiation with SpaceX – a private US launch company controlled by the software billionaire Elon Musk – which was recently awarded a US$1 billion contract by Nasa to ferry supplies to the International Space Station.

The deadline for a team to make an attempt to win the full US$20 million Lunar X prize has been set for December 2012. After that, the prize money will drop to US$15 million.

If no project has succeeded by December 2014, the competition will be scrapped – though there is a prospect of an extension, say the organisers. Bonus awards have been added to the prize.

If a rover cannot only travel half a kilometre over the lunar terrain, but survives the cold of a 14-day-long lunar night, an extra US$4 million will be awarded. Another bonus, of US$2 million, will be given if the craft is launched from Florida.

A total of 22 teams have put their names down as competitors for the prize.

Eurovision 2010 – Eurocraze in Oslo Norway

Eurovision is upon us once again. Lot’s of craze about, well, what? Let’s face it, the music from the Eurovision Song Contest is always 99% rubbish. It’s one giant freakshow of so-called European nations, worse even than MTV these days. However, we can’t dismiss the Eurovision SC completly, for one good reason: it’s comical value.

There are some funny videos here I will admit, Eurovision Videos

Lena Meyer-Landrut (SKL Show 'Tag Des Gluecks')

Lena Meyer-Landrut (SKL Show 'Tag Des Gluecks')

“Oi don’t give a shit,” Germany’s newest pop star sings in her odd accent, Der Spiegel

Even BBC agrees to Eurovision being a cliche, Eurovision 2010: How to write the winning lyric

Let the show begin! Now who will win? Oi don’t give a shit. 🙂