The secret ingredient of Coca-Cola in pictures

Coca-Cola, the great producer of carbonated soft drinks simply known as Coke.
Yet what actually goes into Coke has always been a mystery. Until now:

The secret ingredient of Coca-Cola in pictures

The secret ingredient of Coca-Cola in pictures

Hiromi Oshima pose for classic poster remake in tribute to 2011 Oscars

Former Playboy Playmate Hiromi Oshima recently posed for some cool Oscar tribute posters with Playboy.
The first is for the classic Black Belt Jones (1974)

Hiromi Oshima in Black Belt Jones Oscars tribute poster for Playboy

Hiromi Oshima in Black Belt Jones Oscars tribute poster for Playboy

Original poster from 1974 that Hiromi Oshima’s poster was based on:

Original Black Belt Jones poster

Original Black Belt Jones poster

The other remake poster, of Fist of Fury (1972), may be viewed at ‘Nextgirlfriend’.

Here is the (boring by comparison) original.

Original Fist of Fury poster

Original Fist of Fury poster

Audi Carbon Ski coming in 2011/2012

Does these skis look great or what? Seems that Audi is going to start production of a carbon fiber ski later this year, possibly in some sort of partnership with Head. Supposed to be both light weight and strong; all ski enthusiasts will be waiting eagerly for this one by Audi.

The Audi Carbon Ski Concept on Carbon Cover

The Audi Carbon Ski Concept on Carbon Cover

The Audi Carbon Ski Concept Illustration

The Audi Carbon Ski Concept Illustration

Don’t know anything about the price yet though. Read full article here: The Audi Carbon Ski Concept 

Motivational and Demotivational posters: porn parrot, weird cat, skeptical dog, and monkey prostitutes.

Skeptical dog - is skeptical

Skeptical dog - is skeptical


The longer you look - the weirder the two legged cat gets

The longer you look - the weirder the two legged cat gets


Monkey prostitutes

Monkey prostitutes


Porn blocker parrot: Blockatiel

Porn blocker parrot: Blockatiel

Tiger Woods Golf ‘cigar guy’ is City analyst Rupesh Shingadia

The mystery “cigar guy” who upstaged Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup and became an internet sensation is a city analyst from south London called Rupesh Shingadia, it has been disclosed.

Cigar Guy Rupesh Shingadia at the Ryder Cup with Tiger Woods

Cigar Guy Rupesh Shingadia at the Ryder Cup with Tiger Woods

The 30-year-old, from Wallington, near Croydon, said he was amazed at the response his stunt had attracted around the world after he became an internet sensation.



Mr Shingadia, an investment analyst at Threadneedle Asset Management, caught the public’s imagination after appearing in the background in one of the most memorable sports photographs of recent times.
It captures the moment a split second before the world No 1 sent a ball smashing into the lens of a Mail on Sunday photographer at Celtic Manor in south Wales last week.



But the presence of a man in an orange wig and Groucho Marx-style moustache, standing nonchalantly while chomping on a cigar in the background soon attracted more attention than the main subject of the extraordinary shot.

The image was soon photoshopped in into pictures of the most dramatic moments of world sport and film posters to feature him.

Cheech and Chong cigar guy guy appears in Tiger Woods photo

Cheech and Chong cigar guy guy appears in Tiger Woods photo

He confirmed at the weekend that the costume was a light-hearted tribute to Miguel Angel Jimenez, the Spanish golfer, as an unusual way to show his support for the European team.

In a posting on his Facebook page, he wrote: “Thank you everyone for your support and kind words! I cannot believe the responses I’ve got in the past few days!”

He also added the image as his profile picture.

Mr Shingadia, who is single and lives with his parents, said he was embarrassed by the attention but pleased it he had made people laugh.

He told the Mail on Sunday: “I’ve never done anything like this before, I’m just an ordinary guy who loves golf and follows Arsenal.

“If I had known the incredible reaction it would produce, the way that Cigar Guy has snowballed, I would probably never have put on my costume.”

Europe’s golfers regained in thrilling fashion last Monday, defeating the United States by the narrowest of margins.

Colin Montgomerie, the captain, celebrated victory draped in the blue and yellow European flag and with chants of “Europe, Europe, Europe” echoing around the course.

Following a determined fightback by the Americans, it came down to an Ulsterman, Graeme McDowell, to carry Europe over the line, sealing a 14.5 to 13.5-point victory on the 17th hole of the final singles game.

Rupesh Shingadia AKA Cigar Guy

Rupesh Shingadia AKA Cigar Guy

Europe has now won four out of the last five Ryder Cups, but who the fuck cares.
Original story

Cheech and Chong guy appears in Tiger Woods photo – reaches fame.

Mark Pain shoots Tiger Woods and Cheech and Chong man in Golf Picture as Ball Hits Camera

Mark Pain shoots Tiger Woods and Cheech and Chong man in Golf Picture as Ball Hits Camera

When Tiger Woods duffed a shot at the Ryder Cup, the ball zipped directly toward photographer Mark Pain of the Daily Mail. Pain managed to snap an incredible picture, but his good timing isn’t getting nearly as much attention as a bystander in a funny-looking mustache and wig. Yes, that’s all it takes now to become a celebrity.

The “Cigar Guy” has quickly become the new Chuck Norris, inspiring amateur Photoshop junkies everywhere. The Daily Mail says he dressed in tribute to Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez, but who knew Cigar Guy also appeared in Donnie Darko? Or knocked out Sonny Liston? Or watched Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald? Got an idea of your own? The website posted a Cigar Guy template.

But who is he? Time pleads on its Newsfeed blog for the man behind the mustache to identify himself. That would probably be pointless, because he’ll never be known by anything but Cigar Guy for the rest of his life. Or at least for the rest of the month, and then a new funny-looking bystander will dominate the Internets.

Mark Pain shoots Tiger Woods and Cheech and Chong man in Golf Picture as Ball Hits Camera 2

Mark Pain shoots Tiger Woods and Cheech and Chong man in Golf Picture as Ball Hits Camera 2

Interview with photographer Mark Pain:

 Harry Smith: Instead of [the golf ball] going high up into the air and over your head, what happened?

Mark Pain: Normally — 99 times out of 100, or for Tiger 99,000 times out of 100,000 — he would just chip that to within two or three inches of the hole. When we’re working with Tiger we’ve never had any problems getting that near to him because we know that it’s never going to be an issue.

But all the grass had been trampled by the spectators and he just seemed to catch it really wrong, and it just dinked out to his right and it just headed straight towards me, hit my camera and then hit me, and then landed at my feet. And Tiger’s face — he almost couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe he played such a bad shot, really.

Smith: Did Tiger or his caddie say anything to you like, “You’re really too close, you need to move back a little bit”?

Pain: They did … and then we all moved back. Tiger’s caddie Steve [Williams], he’s got a reputation for being very very strict with us photographers … but no, we were all in a perfect position, and the marshalls had agreed where we were. … There was a very wide angle for him to play a shot into towards the green.

Smith: Was it just instinct that made you click the shot?

Pain: It’s pretty much instinct. … You totally focusing on Tiger’s expression because once the ball goes past you there are still moments there to capture. He can throw his club away, celebrate, do whatever he does.

Smith: And the camera’s okay?

Pain: Camera’s fine. It’s a Nikon D3S, it’s taken a bit of a knock here but it’s absolutely perfect. … And it’s only a month old.

Cigar turban guy at Tiger Woods Ryders Cup play

Cigar turban guy at Tiger Woods Ryders Cup play

Random pictures from Norway

Norway picnic in forestHow time flies when you are on the internet.
Been sitting here for a long time now looking at beautiful and interesting pictures from Norway in random order just by refreshing the browser again and again. Think I’m about to pass out for some reason. Great pictures of Norway though!

Gull piggybacking Eagle during hunt caught on camera!

A Gull piggybacking a Sea Eagle during hunt was recently caught on camera in Norway by photographer Paul Beastall.

Gull piggybacking Eagle during hunt caught on camera in Norway!

Gull piggybacking Eagle during hunt caught on camera in Norway! Copyright: Paul Beastall

 Full story in Norwegian…

Busted live Australian ‘nude photos’ banker gets web support

Busted Macquarie banker, David Kiely watching porn in the background

Busted Macquarie banker, David Kiely watching porn in the background

Campaigns to save the job of an Australian banker caught viewing erotic images in the background of a live TV interview are growing on the internet.

Business website Here Is The City News has launched a Save Dave section, in support of Macquarie banker David Kiely, who reportedly could be fired.

More than a dozen groups sympathetic to Mr Kiely have been set up on Facebook.

Mr Kiely became an internet sensation after video of him viewing images of model Miranda Kerr appeared on YouTube.

He is due to meet bank chiefs this week, when his future will be decided, media reports say.

‘Practical joke’

Mr Kiely was seen viewing images of a semi-naked Ms Kerr as a colleague was being interviewed live on the Channel 7 evening news programme. 

He turned around part way through, apparently in surprise, fuelling speculation that he was the victim of a practical joke.

There are reports that Mr Kiely was deliberately sent an email containing the images and opened it unwittingly, before being told to look round, with the broadcast still in progress.

Messages of support for the banker’s plight have been posted on internet campaign sites.

“Macquarie will be making a PR mistake if David Kiely is sacked,” said a comment on Here Is The City News.

“I’m not a banker, but I have joined the campaign regardless,” said another. “The guy doesn’t deserve to be dismissed.”

The London-based website said it was campaigning for Mr Kiely to keep his job, and was urging readers to email the bank directly with messages of support.

iPad photos – New pics and video of the $499 Apple iPad tablet

iPad photos and videos of the $500 Apple iPad tablet.

Steve Jobs with iPad at launch

Steve Jobs with iPad at launch

iPad or large iPhone

iPad or large iPhone?

iPad touchscreen tablet

iPad touchscreen tablet

Look how small Steve Jobs has become

Look how small Steve Jobs have become

Steve Jobs January 27th

Steve Jobs January 27th

Mr iPad aka Steve Jobs

Mr iPad aka Steve Jobs

Reasonable tablet or 10 year old laptop?
Apple’s iPad store

Apple unveils iPad tablet device
Apple has put an end to weeks of speculation by unveiling its tablet device, which it has called the iPad.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive unveiled the touchscreen device at an event in San Francisco.

Mr Jobs described the tablet, which will cost between $499 and $829 in the US, as a “third category” between smartphones and laptops.

The device, which looks like a large iPhone, can be used to watch films, play games and browse the web.

The firm has also done a deal with publishers including Penguin, Macmillan and Harper Collins to allow e-books to be downloaded directly to the device through a new iBook Store.

“You can download right onto your iPad,” said Mr Jobs.

He also showed off magazines and newspapers on the device.

‘Gold rush’

He told an audience of journalists, analysts and industry peers that the device lets people “hold the whole web in your hands”.

“What this device does is extraordinary. It is the best browsing experience you have ever had,” he said.

The device has a 9.7-inch multi-touch display, allowing people to type directly on to the screen, as well as manipulate pictures and control the action in games with their fingers. However, users can also plug in a keyboard.

Apple claim it has a battery life of 10 hours.

It comes preloaded with twelve applications – essentially multi-touch versions of existing Mac software such as iPhoto.

However, owners can also download third party apps – both specially designed for the iPad and those already available for the iPhone. People with both can synchronise their apps between the two devices.

“We think it’s going to be a whole other gold rush for developers,” said Scott Forstall, who runs Apple’s app division.

Apple revealed that more than three billion apps have been downloaded from its App store.

The New York Times showed off its app for the iPad, which recreates the look and feel of the newspaper but allows it to have new features, such as video.

“We’re pioneering the next version of digital journalism,” said Martin Nisenholtz, a senior executive at the newspaper.

It also includes the firm’s iTunes software built in, allowing people to purchase songs and movies straight to the device.

‘Cheap laptops’

It is not the first touchscreen tablet computer on the market. Earlier this month, manufacturers such as Dell and HP showed off devices at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Some industry experts have questioned the need for another category of device, alongside laptops, smartphones and netbooks.

Analyst firm CCS Insight said that it remained “sceptical” of the market. It described the iPad as “a supersize iPod Touch that would get little interest if not from Apple”.

Mr Jobs dismissed netbooks as “just cheap laptops”.

9.7 inch- (25cm-) multi-touch display
1 GHz Apple processor
16-64 GB of flash memory
0.5in- (1.25cm) thick
Weighs 1.5lbs (0.7kgs)
Wi-fi, bluetooth and 3G connectivity
Speaker, microphone
Accelerometer, compass

“Netbooks aren’t better at anything – they’re slow and have low quality displays,” he told the audience.

“They’re not a third category device, but we have something that we think is.”

The cheapest iPad, which will come with 16GB of flash memory and wi-fi will cost $499. The most expensive version, with 64GB of storage and the ability to connect via a mobile 3G signal, will cost $829.

Users will also need a monthly subscription for 3G connectivity, but in the US owners will not have to sign a yearly contract.

CCS Insight said the high cost would put it “beyond most consumers”.

Mr Jobs said that he hoped to have international prices in place in June or July.

However, all the 3G models are unlocked, meaning they will work with any network.

The launch puts to rest months of speculation and rumour in the blogosphere.

Apple – famous for its secrecy – had remained silent in the run up to the launch, unwilling to release any details publicly.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Pictures of the Oslo subway fire

The Norwegian subway system in Oslo caught fire again on Saturday.
Norwegian Public Transport Systems, Subway on Fire in Oslo
Nobody was reported to be harmed by the regular incident.
Norway is famous for having the least well functioning public transport system in the world. If you are thinking about going to Oslo for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, you may want to bring your own fire extinguisher.

Kyla Cole’s return to modeling confirmed.

Kyla Cole, the sexy model that was brought in as a surprise guest on a Norwegian TV show once, has had her return to modeling confirmed by her agent: Gallery
Here is the old clip.

She has previously said she would go back to Norway, but no further dates or plans have been release yet.
The first set from
Kyla Cole’s comeback