Eurovision 2010 – Eurocraze in Oslo Norway

Eurovision is upon us once again. Lot’s of craze about, well, what? Let’s face it, the music from the Eurovision Song Contest is always 99% rubbish. It’s one giant freakshow of so-called European nations, worse even than MTV these days. However, we can’t dismiss the Eurovision SC completly, for one good reason: it’s comical value.

There are some funny videos here I will admit, Eurovision Videos

Lena Meyer-Landrut (SKL Show 'Tag Des Gluecks')

Lena Meyer-Landrut (SKL Show 'Tag Des Gluecks')

“Oi don’t give a shit,” Germany’s newest pop star sings in her odd accent, Der Spiegel

Even BBC agrees to Eurovision being a cliche, Eurovision 2010: How to write the winning lyric

Let the show begin! Now who will win? Oi don’t give a shit. 🙂


Icelandic travel guide and cheap flights finder

So finally going for that long trip to Iceland, but still feel like I’m missing out on some good deals. Expedia doesn’t seem to cover Iceland very well for some reason. And the same goes for it’s peers. Searching for national price comparison companies on Iceland I only came up with this even though I would think there were more out there, or maybe Iceland is too smal for such companies to exist?

Iceland at night

Iceland at night

Anyone from Iceland out there who can show me some other price comparison companies and guides and such?