Honda’s Top Gear lawnmover does 130mph – Stig goes domestic

How cool is that:

The vehicle, made by Honda for Top Gear magazine, goes from 0-60mph (95km/h) in roughly four seconds.

The team behind it may attempt to have an official go at the lawnmower speed record, which stands at 96.5mph.

In a test run, Top Gear magazine clocked “just over 100mph” on the back straight of the Circuit de Charade testing course in France.

Honda Top Gear lawnmover driven by The Stig

Honda Top Gear lawnmover driven by The Stig

The lawnmower was also put through its paces by Top Gear’s “the Stig”.

The British Lawn Mower Racing Association said Top Gear’s mower would not be able to compete in July’s World Championships because of strict limits on the number of modifications entrants can make to their bodies, lol.

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